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No more green carpet at the "1/32 24 uurs race van Brussel" !

staat jou team hier tussen in 2013?!

Oproep van Kevin Vonk :

Beste Slotracers,

Dit jaar wordt de 1/32 24 uurs race van Brussel weer georganiseerd door de Brussels Scalex Club.
De naam zegt het al: de race wordt gereden op drie 8-spoors Scalextric banen die dit jaar allemaal langer dan 50 meter zijn!
De race is onderdeel van het Slot-it European Championship, net zoals de 24 uurs races van Verbano (Italië) en de race waar meerdere Nederlandse teams gereden hebben Igualada (Spanje).
Dit jaar zal de derde keer zijn dat ikzelf meedoe. De eerste keer met Keistad Slotracing Team, en het laatste jaar met Dutch Touch Slotracing. Ook dit jaar zal DTS meedoen na een geweldige zevende plaats vorig jaar.
De organisator van de race heeft mij gevraagd om nog meer Nederlandse teams naar Brussel te brengen dit jaar, omdat er vanuit het Slot-it EC minder teams naar Brussel komen.

Bijgevoegd de brief van Francois (organisator) en de inschrijvingsprocedure.
Brussels, 21th July 2013
Dear all,
On behalf of the Brussels Scalex Club and all his team, I’m glad to announce to you the opening of the

registrations for the 24th edition of the ‘Scalextric’ international 24 hours of Brussels.

It will take place on Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 November 2013 in the Centre

Communautaire de Joli-Bois in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre (Brussels).

We will race again on our Scalextric Sport 24 lanes track. The big novelty this year : the green carpet
is over, the circuits will be made higher ! At this occasion, the layout of the circuit will be renewed and the length of the tracks will for the first time exceed the 50 meters.

The cars will be the Group C from and more precisely the Jaguar XJR6/9, the Porsche

956KH, the Porsche 962C and the Toyota 88C.

Once more this year we organise the third and last race of the European Championship of Group C Endurance. About ten, mainly Italian and Spanish, teams will compete on our tracks and the best European drivers of this sport will show again all her talents.

Other excellent Belgian, Dutch and French teams have already declared her intentions to participate and we want to offer to all these out of the European championship teams which will participate

in the INTER category a real challenge with a separate INTER ranking, which will be commented

during the race and clearly identified on the displays.
Like the three first teams at the overall ranking, the three first INTER teams will be rewarded with a trophy.
We wish especially to have a larger representation of teams of the North of Europe to respond to our friends of the South Europe and to meet again with pleasure former competitors such as from England,
Denmark or Germany.

Why not you then ?

For those who do not know our 24 hours yet, you will discover the particular atmosphere of the Brussels 24 hours : the hall of Joli Bois with his mezzanine, his theatre, his restaurant and his bar, the public and the animations, the pop&rock music and the race comments. For your rest during the night of the race, we keep a quiet place in the theatre where you can install your campbeds or air beds.
Once more, we’ll live a high-level competition with some of the best european teams of 1/32 endurance races.

The technical rules are available on

The race rules are attached to this mail.

Information concerning the race will be published on the site of the BSC: .

As usual the 24 hours will be preceded by the OPEN race which had considerable success these last years. However, to facilitate the way back of the foreign teams on Sunday evening, the 24 hours race will start and finish on 15:00. For this reason, there will be no more qualification session. The starting lane will be determined by the organization as we’ve done until some years ago.
The timetable of the weekend is the following :

Friday 15th Novembre 2013

Doors open and welcome of the competitors 16:00

Technical Control of the hand controllers 16:30 – 21:00

Free practice 17:00 – 21:00
Closure of the Parc Fermé 21:30

Technical Control :open car 21:30 – 23:30

Briefing drivers 21:45 – 22:15

Technical Control :communication of results by SMS 23:45

Hall closed 23:50

Saturday 16th Novembre 2013

Doors open 08:30

Open Race : Technical Control of hand controllers 08:50 – 10:00

Open Race : free practice 08:50 – 10:00

Opening of the Parc Fermé (to take back the refused cars) 09:45

Open Race : drivers and marshals ready 10:25

Open Race : warm-up 3 laps 10:35

Start of the Open Race 10:40

Closure of the Parc Fermé (for teams not present 10:45

the Friday and for the second control of the refused cars)

Technical Control :open car (for teams not present 10:45 – 11:25

the Friday and for the second control of the refused cars)

Assembly of the car 1st group and TC closed car 11:40 – 12:10

Assembly of the car 2nd group and TC closed car 12:15 – 12:45

Assembly of the car 3rd group and TC closed car 12:50 – 13:20

Assembly of the car 4th group and TC closed car 13:25 – 13:55

End of the Open Race 13:40

Prizes ceremony for the Open Race 13:45 – 14:15

Closure of the Parc Fermé (for the last group) 14:15

Drivers and marshals ready 14:30

and cars placed on the track

Warm Up 24 hours 14:35 – 14:45

Start of the 24 hours 15:00

End of the first period 15:54

Start of the second period 16:00



Night session 23:00 – 07:00

(car’s lighting mandatory)

Sunday 17th Novembre 2013


Start of the last period 14:06

End of the race 15:00

Prizes ceremony 15:15 – 16:00

Hall closed 17:00

Inscription fee for each team is 250€ and this includes a motor and tyres for the race.

To register, please read attentively the document “Selection process 24h 2013” attached to this mail.

Watch out, a team will only be definitely selected when the whole registration fee is paid within the time limit.
Sorry for the strict and administrative side of this procedure, but this is now necessary to avoid selection problems.
From September, we will try to put a maximum of information on the website but if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
We hope to live once again a fascinating event for the great pleasure of all.

Sincerely yours,

François Desmet

Co-president of the Brussels Scalex Club

Tel. +32 (2)395.56.77
Mobile +32 (478)66.30.65

Brussels Scalex Club

Selection process for the teams participating in the 24 hours of Brussels 2013


For the teams registered to the 2013 European Championship:

1) As team manager, on 15 September at the latest, send me the name of the team and all the drivers’ names (the team composition can still be changed till 31 October) and execute the transfer payment of 250€ on the Brussels Scalex Club account
(Belgium: 068-2283200-41 / From abroad: IBAN : BE88 0682 2832 0041 BIC : GKCCBEBB).

2) If the money isn’t on the account on 15 September, then the place will be given to another team.For the remaining places, it will happen as follows:

1) As team manager, send me an inscription email in which you mention the category, the team name and all the drivers’ names (It will be possible to change the team composition till 31 October). I send you a notice of receipt.

2) Either directly (for the first teams having taken part to the 24h of Brussels 2012) or in function of the progress of the inscriptions (for the other teams), I tell you we hold a place for your team for two weeks. Have often a look at your emails!

3) Since then, you have two weeks to execute the transfer payment of 250€ on the Brussels
Scalex Club account  (Belgium: 068-2283200-41 / From abroad: IBAN : BE88 0682 2832 0041 BIC : GKCCBEBB).

4) Shouldn’t be the money on the BSC account after two weeks, the place will open to other
teams. If the money is on the account too late and the place is already held for another team, we will of course give the money back.

If a team cancels its participation after 15 September, we will give the money back only if the place is taken by another team. If a team cancels its participation after 31 October, we will not give the moneyback.


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